CSD Book Parties: We've had a lot of fun this year!


We want our Classical students to develop a love of learning and we believe that great literature is one of the foundations for establishing lifelong learners. One of the ways we foster this love of literature is by bringing to life the stories they read through Book Parties!

As a part of our curriculum, Classical teachers read books from our CSD Treasury List aloud to students during class. Upon finishing a book, parents help host a party and students are invited to dress up like characters from the book.

One of my favorite thing we’ve done this year at CSD is our Peter Pan book party! I dressed up as Wendy and we got to celebrate finishing the book as a class with crafts, games, and treats! It was really fun because I got to share it with my friends.
— Sophia, Classical 2nd Grader

We're looking forward to closing out the year with our final, school-wide Narnia Book Party on May 20th! To see more book party photos, search #CSDBookParties on Instagram.

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